This kind of place is called "airial"; it's a local name to describe an inhabited piece of land in the middle of the forest; it usually has ancient oak trees and the main house is levelled up in the center of the park. The latter, in our case, counts one hectare of area kept as a garden but the surface of the whole property is actually 54 000 m2 of unfenced wooded land.

In addition to the hundreds years old oaks, the airial has been planted with a large variety of younger trees, bushes and shrubs, using native plants as much as possible in order to keep a natural habitat for the local wildlife.

The property's boundaries are more or less natural (ditches) except for the occasional man-made stone post.

As a result, the airial is pretty well integrated into the landscape, all the woods around, up to the natural reserve enclosing the lake. It's therefore possible to walk to that lake from the house and/or make the most of the mountain biking track that leads to it and thus, enjoy the wet land landscape with its horses!


    The main shops are 3Kms away; of course, you can drive to them or, for those who are more into cycling, there is a cycle track that goes past the shops and all the way to the Atlantic Ocean some 10 Kms away.


    As you may have guessed, this place would be ideal for Nature lovers (or just lovers...) but also for city folks lacking birds' singing, for people who need to relax or breathe some fresh air, or anyone that would enjoy the quietness of the place after spending a whole day at the beach.





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